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Purni Hotel is a small independent family run Hotel And Resorts in Tajpur is located in Purba Medinipur. We aim to offer you comfortable surroundings, great food and excellent service to make your stay truly enjoyable. Please take a look through our web site where you will find most of the information you need. Call us to discuss your hotel reservation, dining plans or function requirements. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Tajpur is located in Purba Medinipur, in the state of West Bengal, India on the shore of Bay of Bengal (near Digha). Tajpur is set between Mandarmani.The prime attraction of Tajpur is its pristine sea beach fringed with a dense forest of tamarisk trees. The beach is infested with infinite number of red crabs which play hide and seek in the sand. Their presense makes the beach look crimson. There are fishermen’s villages in the vicinity, where one can observe the mundane life of fisherman. Just 1 km away is a lagoon with a pleasant surrounding. Tajpur has also around 1400 acres of land dedicated to Pisciculture. There are a number of bheris or fish-ponds in the area. As a tourist attraction, it is relatively new as there are fewer hotels compared to Digha and Mandarmani. The beach is clean and home to numerous red crabs. Tajpur is almost like an island in this line of seaside destinations along the Bay of Bengal coast, which still boasts of retaining its natural vegetation—consisting mainly of mangrove growths and casurina plantations—a feature unavailable at the other destinations along the coastline. The nearest railway station is Ramnagar in Howrah-Digha railways and the nearest airport is Kolkata. There are also multiple buses running towards Digha via Balisai. For those who wants to avoid rush at Digha – obviously next choice would be Tajpur though it is getting crowded day by day.like this place very much for party occasion because here is having limited rush with some quality. best place for bachelor’s party and couples.


Tajpur by Car And Bus:
Tajpur is only 187 Km from Kolkata the best option to be there is a private car. Reaching the beach at Tajpur takes about 3 to 4 hours from kolkata.Regular buses are available from Kolkata and Howrah to Balisai. Buses from Kolkata cost around Rs 100 and a few deluxe buses are also available. Get down at Alampur fisheries. From here you can opt for private vehicles to reach the resort itself. Route :Kolkata – Kolaghat – Nandakumar – Contai – Chawlkhola – Balisahi – (turn left) – Alampur (turnleft) – Tajpur.

Tajpur by Train:
On Regular basis three trains are available from the city of Howrah to Digha. The nearestrail station to reach Mandarmani is situated at the town of Contai and Ramnagar. From thestation you can opt for private taxi to reach the resort. Tickets are inexpensive and second class seats.

Train Schedule From Howrah
Train No – 2857 Tamralipta Express Time 06:40 AM
Train No – 2847 Duranto Express Time 11:15 AM
Train No – 8001 Kandari Express Time 02:15 PM
Train No – 5721 Paharia Express (Only Saturday) Time 07:50 AM